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Security Issue in 2020: Is it safe to use Zoom?

Security Issue in 2020: Is it safe to use Zoom?

Security Issue in 2020: Is it safe to use Zoom The online video conferencing software industry has seen explosive growth as everyone started working from home. They had never expected that everyone would suddenly sit at home and that such a tool would be the only primary means of communicating online. Video conferencing software like Zoom has been helpful for almost everyone to connect on a corporate level or individually. As it becomes mainstream software, it presents a crucial security problem. Zoom’s security issue in 2020 has been a major concern for the company, as personal and corporate data is at risk.
Security issue faced in Zoom
Thousands of video calls were exposed on the web
Researchers have found: There is no end-to-end encryption when connecting, so the hackers were able to access the user’s webcam.
Due to these issues, Zoom CEO has taken various measures to increase the security and privacy of the user using the Zoom app.

Steps were taken to identify and protect the user from the Zoom security issue in 2020
Eric Yuan, CEO of Zoom, took the necessary steps to freeze all Zoom updates for 90 days to identify problems.
He included the Report User button in the app, to report an unknown user causing annoyance in the meeting.
Complex password rules were set for recording cloud video.
With the Zoom 5.0 version, the application supports the industry standard encryption of AES-256. Additionally, Zoom offers end-to-end encryption for paid accounts.
Is it safe to use Zoom?
Although Zoom has taken several steps to improve security, many users are trying to use the alternative Zoom applications. End-to-end encryption will be provided to the payment account only. While users search for free tools to hang out online with friends. Your privacy can be safe if you use the Zoom app with some precautions suggested by Zoom. Changing some settings will help you protect your privacy online.

7 easy steps to change Zoom settings to protect your privacy online
Don’t record your call
Per Zoom’s privacy policy, it does not log calls, but the meeting host can. If you do not want your host to record the call, you must ask them not to record the call. Your recorded call can be leaked to anyone if it is stored in an unsafe place.

Rename your recorded call
In a situation where you want to record the call for educational or other purposes, please rename the saved file. Using the default naming convention can be suspicious if the recording is saved to any online file-sharing service.
Don’t share your personal meeting ID
Generate a random meeting ID to use the pre-meeting ID. The generated random meeting ID will be active only for a single meeting. You can check out the Zoom support page to see how to generate a random meeting ID.

Lock meeting once started
Similar to lock room, you need to lock your meeting room online. This will avoid joining any unknown person in the meeting.
You can lock the meeting by the next step
Go to the participant list within the navigation bar. Scroll down to find more options. There you will find Lock Meeting. Click the Lock Meeting option to prevent any unknown person from joining.
Enable the “Waiting room” function
This is another useful option to prevent any unknown person from joining. Once the “Waiting Room” feature is ON, anyone who wants to join the meeting will need the host’s approval to join.

Make two co-hosts in the meeting
One more step to ensure your safety as the meeting begins. You should play two people as the host. This will be useful if some malware could bypass the host privilege and enter the meeting room. Other hosts could delete that account and can report using the “Report User” button and protect the meeting.
Disable the “Join before host” option
This is disabled by default, but you must verify this before starting the meeting. You can check this option by clicking on the gear icon, that is, the settings located in the upper right corner. You would have various other options like file sharing, auto-save chat, screen sharing, etc. Make sure to disable all features unless you really want it for a meeting.

Zoom, used for video telephony and online chat services, is a very useful application in many industries such as teleconferencing, teleworking, distance education and social relations. But you should never compromise your privacy. Taking a few steps can help you stay protected while online. Get in the habit of checking the 7 steps above to ensure your privacy online.